Monthly Treat Box Delivered to your door - "BITE BOX"

Each month (can be monthly, every 4 weeks, fortnighly or weekly) a hand picked box full of goodies is delivered to your door.


We will always include 1 toy and at least 4 premium treats.


Any requests just let us know and at Paws4Food we will do our best to help.


* prolific chewer just tell us and we will try to find a toy that lasts longer than 5 seconds (although can not guarantee this)


* doesnt like chicken - not a problem


* would like to try new products


If you let us know we will TRY to help


Please ensure supervision at all times with toys and treats and remove toys if damaged due to chewing.


To order find then in the shop - any additional notes please email


Dalmatian IMG_0372

June's Bite Box for "Buster"